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And The Other Half

“Don’t be afraid to look up at the sky..”


Once, a girl I used to see tried to end our engagement because I refused tell her why I started calling myself the @4lchemist. I remember her thinking I’d joined a cult or something.. sorry, it’s nowhere near that interesting.


“I’ve always been interested in women, i’m drawn to them. They have a magnetic force towards me. I’ve always been intrigued by them and when I see one I always have a knack to talk to them.” – Mike Tyson


When I was 15 I escaped from the friend-zone, it was my Shawshank – and I, Andy Dufresne am never going back.



I believe I once said that the best way to get to know someone was to switch iPods with them for a day so..



 A is for.. Anarchy. Do whatever you want, dress however you want, live however you want, because.. why not.



I wear vans at least 5 days of the week with..collared shirts, and trousers so tight you can see my sperm count. I don’t pay much attention to trends or celebrity style – i’m still waiting to make my own.


Alchemy was the ancient science with the purpose of turning basic elements into something infinitely more desirable, rare – gold.


It’s Mid-summer and the sun is trying its best to tan me (lol) – my brother Fe and I are recovering from hours of relentless shopping, in a public park, lounging on the bags our clothes came in.. things are close to perfect. He passes me a cone, THC and the song on the speakers hit me at the same time


( Pharrell – You Can Do It Too )


Why couldn’t life be like this every day of the week?


So I, Ace decided to take all these basic talents afforded to me and make them Avant-Garde. Gold.


BxG Mentality


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@FeFeDean London. Black Women. Clothes. Weed. Music.

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