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Meddling Loops

Okay, I Can’t Lie – Music Coming Out Of The UK Currently Doesn’t Inspire Me, Or Make Me Think. Maybe I’m Lookin’ In The Wrong Place? Tell Me If I Am…

Wait, On That Point I Should Point Out A Few U.K Artists/Collectives That I DO Listen To – The Quaranteam; Consisting Of @loudmouthmelvin x @skillitmusic x @PyroBarz x @ChrisMentalist ( Download #TheQuaranteamEP Right Now, Or It’s A War), @AaronJaunty, @IAmKinetic & Last But Not Least, @TheBullitts – More On All Of Them In Future Posts…

Back Onto The Topic Of Discussion…

MEDDLING LOOPS By @RejjieSnow x @CraveMoore x @Jesstafariah

Sit Back & Listen

About A Month Ago, My Friend @JunaCosmos Sent Me A Link To Listen To This Song & I Have To Admit, On First Impression I Wasn’t Too Impressed – However Since That Day The Track Has Grown & Me & Find Myself Daily Reciting Quotable Lyrics From Each Three Of The Rappers Verse – All Three Damage The Beat Differently With Their Unique Flows… And I Was Lucky Enough To See Them Perform The Hit Live At The Amersham Arms, In New Cross, At An Event Called Bully (

Rejjie Snows – A Black Irish Rapper, Who Rhymes With The Same Aggressive Nature As Tyler, The Creator – “Back Stabbin’ The Name Of Malcolm X And Some Cotton Pickers” – The Way I Decoded This Line It’s A Reference To All Who Are Willin’ To Make Sacrifices To Achieve What They Want – This Can Be Seen In Two Lights… Neglecting What You’re About To Reach Goals… Or Making Certain Cuts So That You Come Back Stronger…

Crave – From What I’ve Heard Is A Surface Level Rapper, Who Talks About What He Does In A Way Others Struggle To – Sometimes Boastful But Not To An Extent That It Annoys… – “Use To Be My N**** Now He’s Movin’ Kinda Different, Wishin’ Money Weren’t An Issue But It’s Known As A Curse” – How Many Of You Can Not Relate To That? ‘Friends’, A Loosely Used Term, Change With The Seasons… You Think You Know Someone, But You Don’t – Pricks! And Money, Even In The Tightest Of Friendship/Relationships Becomes An Issue At Some Point… Will It Break You? Or Make You?

Jesse James – Lazy With The Flow, But His Words Are Very Powerful – “But The Truth Is More Important Than The Facts”“But The Truth Is More Important Than The Facts” – Why The Fuck Did I Not Pen This In One Of My Rhymes… That’s So Thought Provoking And Truthful That… “But The Truth Is More Important Than The Facts” – Na, Fuck It I’m Done…


Peace & Power


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