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I Feel The Need To Write A Post Today, As Three Parts Of My Day Sparked Ideas & Questions Into My Head…

Firstly I Wore A T-Shirt That Says ‘Poverty Sucks’ It’s From An Old Action Aid ( Campaign – My Step Father Works For Action Aid, A Worldwide U.K Based N.G.O (Non Government Organisation). An Elderly Man Asked Me, While Seated On The 10.57am Train To Streatham Common, “What Does The T-Shirt Mean Mate?” – I Explained To Him About The Charity Action Aid & Told Him There, Like Many Others, Goal Is To End World Poverty – Hence Why ‘Poverty Sucks’…



Secondly, I Came Home To Find This (See Picture Below) – Now My Mum Is A Very Creative Person & Tries To Re-Use And Recycle As Much As Possible – What She’s Done Here Is Using An Old ‘Pillar Head’ From The Garden Is Turn It Into A Key Stand. Where The Keys Become The Hair. This Made Me Realize How Little We Do To Help The Environment, By Recycling etc But How Simple & Effective It Can Be… At Dinner My Mum Wittily Named It Keisha…



And Last But Not Least… Me And My Mother Started The Evening With A Game Of Scrabble. I Have Played Both Scrabble & Boggle With My Mum For As Long As I Can Remember – This Opened My Eyes To The Beauty Of The English Language & The Power Of Words… I Started With Two Full Words & I’m The Score On The Right *Winks*



Peace & Power



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