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Spotlight On… Chris Searle

A While Back At An Event Organised By Lacoste I Was Lucky Enough To Meet The Young Gentleman I Am About To Introduce To You…

Spotlight On… Chris Searle, 18 Years Old

(Interviewer FD – Felix Dean, Interviewee CS – Chris Searle)

FD: Good Afternoon, Kind Sir – As Agreed, Quick Questions About You… So, What Is Your Profession?

CS: Good Afternoon To You Too, I’m A Freelance Photographer For ID Magazine Online, Hypebeast, Haddon PR And ThreadsTV…

FD: Right Firstly, I Want Five Words & No More! That Describe You?

CS: Crazy, Ambitious, Passionate, Loud, Deep.

FD: Interesting, So Photography, What’s Your First Experience Of Dealing With A Camera?

CS: Literally I Did Art For Five Years In High School And Decided That I Wanted To Do Something Similar Along Those Lines. Picked Up The Book And Decided Sod It Why Not Photography. Let’s Do This.

FD: What Equipment Are You Dealing With At The Moment Then?

CS: Nikon D7000, Nikon f80, Olympus OM10.

FD: You’ve Got ALL This Equipment But What Have You Done With It? Shot Anyone People Reading The May Know About? Elaborate Please…

CS: It Started When I Was Doing A Internship With Dope Chef, A Street Wear Brand Based In London. I Started Doing Photography For Them And Attending Events. I Was There For Around Two Months. I Then Focused On My Last Year Of College Getting A High Grade. Then When I Finished I’ve Been Contacting People And Shooting With Hypebeast, My First Job With Them Was ‘London Collections’ – The Best Experience I’ve Had In My Photography Life So Far.
Then Along The Way I’ve Worked With ID online, Shooting The Likes Of The Vaccines, Will-i-am And With Adidas….. There’s Lots More To Tell, But Check Out The Links ; Wait A Few Months And You Will Hear About Me Everywhere *Cocky Laugh & Smile*.

FD: Okay Okay, Big Talk Now – Care To Show Us Three Of The Best Photos You’ve Ever Taken & Tell Me Why?

CS: Oh Wow, Three Best Photos….. Damn *Laughs*. They Get Better Every Shoot Really. Like When It Comes To Working With Big People In The Music And Art Industry; You’re Constantly Learning. The Photos Below Will Be My Best Photos To Date So Far Each Having A Little Meaning To Me.

FD: What Inspires Your Photos? I Take Some But They’re Very ‘In The Moment’ Do You Approach Every Photo Differently?

CS: I’ve Got A Similar Style Throughout My Photos – But Approach Each Differently, Situation Dependent, Only Been Doing This For Two Years & I’m High Off Life Right No …. Documentary, Street Fashion, Lifestyle, Editorial, Skate Photography Is A Big Part Of Me.
Of Course Portraits Show A Lot In My Portfolio.
At This Moment In Time I’m Shooting Every Day. And If I’m Not I’m Editing. Without fail. Passion, Lifestyle, Hobby work.

FD: Random, But I Like The Shirt You’re Wearing Today, You Seem To Have A Unique Style About You? 

CS: My Floral Ralph Lauren shirt… That’s My Favourite Shirt At The Moment. Clashing And Mixing The Maddest Idea Together Sums Me up Really. Friends, Celebs, Street, Models All A Mix Of Where My Inspiration Comes From!

FD: Dope, Where Can The Readers Find Our More About You?

CS: Check My Three Sites, All Regularly Updated!

FD: Finally, Any Last Shout Outs?…

CS: Big shout To: Hypebeast, ID Online, Threads Tv, Haddon PR,
My Skate Crew, Standard Apparel. Santiago. Lost Generation. FeFe Dean, Ace For The Write Up!!! Peace Out….

FD: Thank You For Your Time Chris – I Admire Your Passion & Drive For You To Succeed – I’m Sure Everyone Agrees That It’s Empowering To See Someone Doing What They Love! See You Soon Sir!



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