Clapham Charity Shops

Okay – Being A Keen Charity Shopper – I Delved Into The Four In Clapham Junction – I’ve Passed Them Numerous Times, Yet Have Never Dipped In…

Today I Did – And Here Is What I Got…

Snoopy Tie – £4

Budwesier Jacket – £8

Vintage Chunky Knitwear – £8

Vintage Chunky Knit – £8


With The Winter Months The Chunky Knits Were Essential – And The Rain Proof Budweiser Jacket Will Protect Me From The Expected Constant Drizzle…

If Any Of You Have Found Any Nice Pieces Let Me Know…

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Peace & Power





I Believe In Shooting Stars…

Wednesday, 6th September – 11.45pm

As I Delved Into My Bag To Get My House Keys, After An Evening Chill With @JunaCosmos & @4lchemist – I Looked Up And Saw, What I Initially Thought Was A Plane, The Most Beautiful Shooting Star. I Know It’s Possible To Lay And Look Up At The ‘Pin Prick’ Stars That Move Around Ever So Slightly – But This One Shot Across The Dark Sky For Around A Second And Vanished. Now, I’m Not A Scientist But The Picture That We See Above Us Actually Happened. The Light That We See Is Actually Millions Of Years Old!

I Looked Around Me To See If Anyone Else Had Witnessed Such Beauty, But There Was No One About – What If I Was The Only One To Have Seen It – I Stood Stationary Thinking About How Beautiful The World That We Live In Is. Is It Gods Creation? Yes. Has The World Developed Over Millions (Millions? Surely More) Of Years Into What It Is Now? Yes. God’s Creation v The Big Bang Is A Topic For Another Day.

I Have Written This, And Then Thought That Words Can’t Captivate The Beauty I Witnessed.

Oh Well…

Peace & Power


Spotlight On Another Batch

Last Week I Purchased My First Ever ‘Another Batch’ Piece – This Was Long Over Due…

I Thought I Should Dive Into The Brain Of The Mother & Father Of The Up And Coming Brand!

Spot Light On… Another Batch

FD (Felix Dean): So, We’re Here To Talk About Another Batch – How Did It All Begin? And What Inspired You?

AB (Another Batch, Chuck & Lucy): Whats Up!
Well.. We grew up listening to hip-hop, Loving it and being inspired by it.
We had such a connection to certain songs from artists like: A Tribe Called Quest, Common,
Badu & so on.
It wasn’t until years later that we discovered J Dilla had produced most of our favourite tracks.
After realising that, we went through Dillas whole catalogue.

Fast forward to 2010, we attended a Dilla charity event and loved every second.
The music was perfect, the vibe amazing & everyone in the crowd had the same love for Dilla.
We were so moved we wanted to commemorate him through something.

We decided on the name ‘Another Batch’ as it was the name of one of his albums.


FD: Dope Dope Dope, Long Term Goal For AB?

AB: Our long term goal is for us to sell in niche shops worldwide, still doing our limited edition batches.
We’d also love to raise more money for the J Dilla Foundation, perhaps even being a partner.


FD: Enough Talking, Let’s See Your Products – And What Are Your Favourite Pieces?

AB: Ohhh.. That’s a hard one.
One of our favourites would have to be the first tribute garment we did for Dilla,
in doing so we met his Mother Ma Dukes & Joy the mother of his child.
They blessed us personally which cemented Another Batch.

J Dilla – Another Batch Tribute T-Shirt

More recently we have been experimenting with fabric applique.
Our first venture with applique was the Galileo T-Shirt, everything from the quality of the print to the photo shoot was PERFECT.
That is my favourite so far.

Galileo – Another Batch T-Shirt

Lucy’s favourite is the Hound T-shirt, she loves the minimalistic style & fell in love with the fabric the first time she saw it.


FD: The Galileo Is My Favorite To Date Yo! So… Future Release, What Can We Look Forward To?

AB: We are going to be working on something big that requires a lot of attention to detail over the next couple of months.
So look forward to our release later this year.It’s going to be something new and different to what we’ve done before.


FD: New, I Like The Sound Of It – Keep Taking Those Big Strides Forward And You’ll Achieve All You Want I’m Sure – Where Can People Find Out More About AB, AND Purchase Their First Batch?

AB: You can buy our products & keep up to date with us on our

Also check out our:
Twitter: @AnotherBatch
Instagram: @AnotherBatch


FD: I’ll 100% Be Purchasing Future Batches! And Now, It’s Over To You – Shout Outs etc Whatever?

AB: We would like to thank EVERYONE who has supported us and believed in us.
Much Love & Power
Chuck & Lucy


FD: ‘Love & Power’ I Like That – However I’m Steadily Screamin’ ‘Peace & Power’ – Much Love & Respect To You Both, ONE!


Give Me A Minute Of Your Time…

Okay, This Feels Rather Unusual Trying To Write A Piece About Myself – Basically I Have Always Loved Words…

Two Years Ago I Ruptured My Anterior Cruciate Ligament In My Left Knee – And Football, My Love, Was Taken From Me…

So, To Kill The Time I Thought I’d Start Of Tryin’ To Write Poetry – Which I Did…

And Then One Night, I Somehow Found Myself On Stage – In An Open Mic Slot – Lost For Words Scrambling For My Blackberry Where I Penned My Lyrics – With The Crowd Jeering & Sneering…

From That Day On I Knew I Had To Step Up My Levels If I Wanted To Take Music Seriously…

Although I am Yet To Record Anything Properly – Here Are Two Links To Two Of My Favorite Pieces I Perform!


Watch Out For A Project From My Team @TheBalconyLDN In The Near Future

Ears Pricked…


Peace & Power

Music Photography

Okay, Idle Time To Kill & I Usually Find Myself Scrolling Through My Albums On My Computers – And I Frequently Find Pictures Of Musical Artists I Have Captured In The Moment – So, I’m Just Goin’ To Post A Wide Range Of Photographs I’ve Taken Over The Years At Various Shows!

Elzhi, Formerly Of Slum Village – At Jazz Cafe

Rejjie Snow, At The Amersham Arms

Lady Leshurr, At Converse Block Party

Olamide Odubuyi, At The Honor Oak

Jesse Boykins, At Jazz Cafe

Nipsey Hussle, At XOYO

Cynikal, At The Queen Of Hoxton

Wilson Sings, At The Queen Of Hoxton

Axel, At Bussey Buildings

Theophilus London, At XOYO

Nas & Damien Marley, At… I Forgot Ha

Asher Roth, At Jazz Cafe

And There’s A Very Limited Selection Of Photos I’ve Taken!


The Balcony LDN

Peace & Power


Charity Shop Swaggin’

Time. 5.36pm. In The Rose Pub. Dulwich. Watching Manchester City v QPR. Drinking Guinness.

I Want You To Firstly Listen To Ignorance Is Bliss By Kendrick Lamar –

Okay – The ‘In Thing’ At The Moment Is ‘Vintage’ Clothing… Beyond Retro, Rokit etc

But, It Still Bemuses Me As To How Many People Say To Me “I Shop Vintage But Never Charity Shops” – Excuse Me…

Define Vintage – ‘Vintage Clothing Is A Generic Term For New Or Second Hand Clothing Originating From A Previous Era.’ – Okay, I Do Not Work For A Vintage Store But Can Assure You That Most Of Their Clothing Is Second Hand… Just Like A Charity Shops Clothes Are.

Rant Over, You Get My Point – Do Not Feel That People Look Down Upon You Because You Shop At Charity Shops – I Have Purchased Multiple Items From Charity Shops That You Will Not Find Anywhere Else…

And Today, I Shopped The Lordship Lane, East Dulwich Charity Shops & Here’s What I Got…

Vintage Floral Shirt – Red & Cream – £4.50

Predominantly Green – 100% Cotton – Levi’s Shirt – £8

Paul Smith – Short Sleeved – Elephant Print – £10

Jilted – Readers – 1/50 – £3.50

Etnies – Sunglasses – £1.50

Neptunes Present… Clones – £1

And There You Go, In The Space Of 30 Minutes I Owned All Of This For Under £30

Peace & Power