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Charity Shop Swaggin’

Time. 5.36pm. In The Rose Pub. Dulwich. Watching Manchester City v QPR. Drinking Guinness.

I Want You To Firstly Listen To Ignorance Is Bliss By Kendrick Lamar –

Okay – The ‘In Thing’ At The Moment Is ‘Vintage’ Clothing… Beyond Retro, Rokit etc

But, It Still Bemuses Me As To How Many People Say To Me “I Shop Vintage But Never Charity Shops” – Excuse Me…

Define Vintage – ‘Vintage Clothing Is A Generic Term For New Or Second Hand Clothing Originating From A Previous Era.’ – Okay, I Do Not Work For A Vintage Store But Can Assure You That Most Of Their Clothing Is Second Hand… Just Like A Charity Shops Clothes Are.

Rant Over, You Get My Point – Do Not Feel That People Look Down Upon You Because You Shop At Charity Shops – I Have Purchased Multiple Items From Charity Shops That You Will Not Find Anywhere Else…

And Today, I Shopped The Lordship Lane, East Dulwich Charity Shops & Here’s What I Got…

Vintage Floral Shirt – Red & Cream – £4.50

Predominantly Green – 100% Cotton – Levi’s Shirt – £8

Paul Smith – Short Sleeved – Elephant Print – £10

Jilted – Readers – 1/50 – £3.50

Etnies – Sunglasses – £1.50

Neptunes Present… Clones – £1

And There You Go, In The Space Of 30 Minutes I Owned All Of This For Under £30

Peace & Power



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