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I Believe In Shooting Stars…

Wednesday, 6th September – 11.45pm

As I Delved Into My Bag To Get My House Keys, After An Evening Chill With @JunaCosmos & @4lchemist – I Looked Up And Saw, What I Initially Thought Was A Plane, The Most Beautiful Shooting Star. I Know It’s Possible To Lay And Look Up At The ‘Pin Prick’ Stars That Move Around Ever So Slightly – But This One Shot Across The Dark Sky For Around A Second And Vanished. Now, I’m Not A Scientist But The Picture That We See Above Us Actually Happened. The Light That We See Is Actually Millions Of Years Old!

I Looked Around Me To See If Anyone Else Had Witnessed Such Beauty, But There Was No One About – What If I Was The Only One To Have Seen It – I Stood Stationary Thinking About How Beautiful The World That We Live In Is. Is It Gods Creation? Yes. Has The World Developed Over Millions (Millions? Surely More) Of Years Into What It Is Now? Yes. God’s Creation v The Big Bang Is A Topic For Another Day.

I Have Written This, And Then Thought That Words Can’t Captivate The Beauty I Witnessed.

Oh Well…

Peace & Power



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