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Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation.

I Take Photographs, I’m Not A Photographer.

I Write Words, I’m Neither A Poet Or A Rapper.

I Have An Imagination That Occasionally Runs Wild, I’m Not A Creative.

I Love Music, I’m Not A DJ.

What Am I…

Lost. Yes.

Lately, My Mind Has Been Running Wild With Ideas For Short Films, Photo Shoots And Clothing Designs.

The Only Problem Is They Tend To Lose Their Impetus When I Either Try To Explain To Others, Or Put Onto Paper.

Now This Is A Problem. As Ideas That I Believe Will Make An Impact Inevitably Don’t.

Take A Short Film For Example. Of Which I Have Considered Making Numerous Times.. Many Ideas However Aren’t Understood Until They Are Seen, Completed. Right? So I Think That Maybe I Should Go Forth With Making The Film. But Wait, I’m Not A Camera Man. And Nor Do I Want To Become A Jack Of All Trades Without Mastering My Craft. Which Is What? I Ask Myself Daily. So – Ideas Are Put On Hold, Or Forgotten. I Think For Creative Work It Is Essential That Who You Are Working With Shares The Same Vision And Fully Buys Into The Idea. Or The Work Will Not Reflect The Imagination And Thought Processes Put Into It.

So, Is This A Psychological Problem? And Maybe It Needs Me Just To Step Out Of My Comfort Zone And Go For It Just The Once. And Then I’ll Have The Confidence In The Future?

Or Is It Something Else. Something, Someone Telling Me To Store Ideas In My Head & I Will One Day Be In A Position, Or Meet Someone Who Thinks The Same Way As Me And We’ll Put Ideas Into Practice.

This Thought Has Been Mulling Over In My Mind For A While. So Yeah. Help Me.

Peace & Power



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