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Lost In Translation – Portugal

So… I’m In Portugal On January The 1st 2013, In Lisbon To Be Precise Overlooking The City From The Castle of São Jorge And These Words (Or Lyrics) Come Into My Head…

‘My Brain Wants Me To Elaborate On Things That I Can’t Explain, My Soul Is Unharmed Yet I’m Feeling The Pain, It’s Like I’ve Accepted I Can’t Do It, But I’m Being Tested Again & Again…’

Frustration. On Numerous Occasions Have Thoughts Popped Into Mind That Not Even I Can Turn Into Rational Ones. So Obscure I Couldn’t Put Into Words. Yet So Relevant I Can’t Forget Them. I Wish There Was A Tool That Scripted Thoughts, However That Would Be Dangerous Also.

Deep Down I Don’t Feel Any Pain Because I Don’t Actually Know What I’m Thinking. Surface Level, In The Moment Pain Is Real. Why The Fuck Won’t Something Just Click.

And It Happens Again. It’s Like, One Day I Will Be Able To Work Out What I’m Actually Thinking And When That Is Shown To The World It Will Be Game Changing  Right, Right *Smoke DZA Voice*


Peace & Power



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