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Why Doesn’t He Ask…

Ladies… Have You Ever Wondered Why A Male You Are Seeing Doesn’t Ask You How Many Males You Have Slept With Previously?…

Here’s How The Conversation Went Between Tom & Michael Last Night… (Fabricated Names In Conversation For Sake Of Privacy)

Tom: So I’m Being Real With Her Fam!

Michael: I Hear That, Have You Asked How Many Man She Has Slept With Before?

Tom: Nah I Haven’t You Know…

Michael: Why Though? I Usually Do, It’s Calm Unless It’s Like A Mad Number…

Tom: You Know What It Is. I Don’t Even Care For Her Numbers. It’s A Myth Though Because If She Then Asks Me I’ll Be Like Yo… I Don’t Even Fucking Know!

Michael: *Laughs Uncontrollably* Rah, You Ran Through Mad Chicks


In Short. This Doesn’t Apply To Most Men. They Probably Can’t Be Bothered To Ask, Or Genuinely Don’t Care. I Just Found It Amusing So Thought I’d Share.




Peace & Power



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