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Yes, I’ve Posted About A Similar Feeling Of Annoyance Before But This Is Constantly On My Mind…


Do You Ever Feel Angry, Frustrated Or Annoyed That Other Don’t Think Like You Do?


I Do, All The Time. Especially When They Way You Think Seems Like The Only Way That A Certain Situation Should Be Taken.


Though, It Is Impossible For Any Two Humans To Think Identically, I Wish It Wasn’t…


The Frustration, And Even Anger At The World Develops When You Fail To Put Across How You’re Thinking To Others. And Thoughts And Ideas Lose Impetus (


The Feeling Of Irrelevance Sweeps Over You, I Have Something To Say, Something That Will Impact Upon People – Yet, Because They Don’t Think Like I Do – They Take It In A Different Light And What I Really Want To Say Is Never Said, And I Hide. And Get High. Frustration Grows As I Wonder Whether Anyone Will Understand Me…








Peace & Power



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6 responses to “Frustration

  1. yourothermotherhere ⋅

    Just a guess on my part, but if you are getting the same reaction all the time it’s because your approach stays the same.

    • My Approach Is Me Thinking. How Others Respond, Or Don’t Leads To My Frustration.

      • yourothermotherhere ⋅

        My thinking was thus:

        If I say to someone, “You are such an idiot! You can’t even understand what I’m talking about so shut-up and sit down!”, they’re not going to be receptive to anything more I have to say.

        But, if I say: “I think I understand what you are saying. Did you mean if we use the green paint it will look better than the blue? You make some valid points, but here’s why I feel that the green would be a better choice. It would cover the graffiti in one application, so it would save money. It would match the main building, and it would blend in with the trees. Any questions?”

        People don’t like to be treated as if they are morons. It is a good practice to listen to what they have to say then repeat it back to them. Sometimes just hearing you repeat back their remarks will make reconsider their position.

      • Oh. Totally Understand Where You’re Coming From.
        However, I Am All Ears And My Thinking Isn’t Cemented. Though, In Some Situations Where Your Mind Is Set, Or Fully Believes – A Strong Belief Is Hard To Sway From – And You Can’t Get Your Point Across, The Frustration Grows.

        Something Happened On Saturday Night, That In Time I Will Blog About And Maybe Then It’ll Be A Little More Evident What I Mean 🙂

      • yourothermotherhere ⋅

        Okay I gotcha.

  2. azza ⋅

    real talks

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