Thought About Life And I Laughed

Thought About Life And I Laughed


Q&Q – Questions And Questions


One Day I Would Love To Meet Another Being Who Revels In Answering Questions With Questions As Much As I Do. There’s A Tendency In This World To Demand Answers, To Force Them Out Of People. Why?


At The End Of The Day, The Bible Nor The Big Bang Theory Are Definitive, So What Will We Ever Actually Know!


Embrace The Empty Space That Your Mind May Sit In When It Asks Why? Or How?


And Don’t Let Unanswered Questions Get You Down. Allow Them To Better Yourself, Search And Explore More.


Be Strong.


Live Life How You Want.




Peace & Power


I Guess It’s Just Life…

*Inserts Script, Showing A Deep Conversation Between A Male And A Female About A Situation That Has Evoked A Feeling*



“I Guess It’s Just Life…”


What The Fuck Do You Mean. We Can’t Continue Putting Scenarios, Problems Or Luck¬†Down To It Just Being Life.


Life. What The Fuck Is Life.


It’s Undefinable.


What Am I Doing Here…





Peace & Power