Felix Dean – Believe In The Smoke

Felix Dean – Believe In The Smoke



When I Blow Trees I Slow My Speech And Revel In Days When I Moderated The Breeze Which Resembled Perfect Peace In The East,

Still Live In The Belly Of The Beast Whisper Words Into The Air That I Want To Be Seen,

Eye Shots With A Window Breeze, A Full Spliff And A Few More Bags Of Cheese, Who Are We, Chillin’ And Free Optimistic…

Attempted A Move, And We Flew, A Crew But A Little More Smooth…

A Mellow Tune And A Mellow Mood A Light Lit And A Fire Sparked, Thought About Life And I Laughed, What Is It , Who? When? What? Why? Questions, Lies…

Cut Down Trees, Burn The Planet, But I Want To Live Forever, So What Am I Doing Fluent And True In The Path I’m Pursuing…

Ignorant Mood As A Flower Blooms, A Smile Turned To A Frown And I Frown Hands In Pocket Face To The Ground, It Wasn’t Found But They Knew…

Living The Dream But I Sleep,

Mirrored My Life In The A B C,

But Baby I See I Can Be All That You Want Me To Be And A Little Bit More,

I’ve Seen This Halways I’ve Treaded These Floors  And Unveiled My Flaws And We Saw What  We Didn’t Want To,

An Honest Guy I Told A Honest Lie I Had To,

Clenched My Fist Picked Up My Pride And Ran Through This Zoo That I Live In,

Robots As Children,

Pieces Of Puzzles Are Victims And I’m Just Looking Out Over My City Thinking What Is The Meaning,

Dreaming, Believing…

But The Dreams That I Have Aren’t In The Plan That He Had,

Frowned Upon And I Smile,

I’ve Faced This Before,

I Pray And We Talk,

And I Smoke And I Pray And I Pray That This Smoke Will Take The Pain Away Of The Unanswered Questions,

Raised In Hell But With An Angel I Dwell,

Until Old School Friends Play Kiss And Tell,

Wish Upon  A Wishing Well But I’m Not Wishing Anyone Well,

Well… Positive Outlook,

I Look Out And Cover My Eyes From The Sun,

It’s Like A One v One And I Won,

Three Sides To Me,

Triangles Of Speech,

Spectrums Of Light That Other Can’t See They Don ‘t Believe,

Smoke Rules Me As I Am Living In Everything Underneath As It Rises,

Yet Authority Is Mine,

And I Mine What’s Mine I Reap I Sow I Look I Find,

I Halted,

Perfect Not Guilty,

Not Quite Full So Still A Little Needy,

Explain Why.


Your Mad At Me For Speaking Out Of Turn,

I Yearn For More Knowledge,

But If I’m Honest – Everything I Know Now Is Borrowed. He Told Me She Told Me. The Day I Follow My Ideas, Me The Director, Me As The Lead Then I’ll Become A Little Closer To Finding Out Just A Little Bit About Myself,

In This Space That We Know As Life ,

I’m A Dot On A Canvas Yet To Be Given Life,

Little Bit Stagnant, Sluggish, Inactive, Dormant,

We Want But We Can’t Afford It,

But We Flaunt With Shit That We Still Can’t Afford,

And We’re Not Happy When We Have What We Wanted Even Though We Know We Shouldn’t Have It,

The Materialistic Feel Its Real Like A Magnet It Tugs At My Spirit,

We Want To Make Change, We Made Change, We Had To Stop Change So We Could Really Make Change…

The Times Are Changing, The Time Is Changing, The Realisation That Time Is Running Out Makes Me Want To

Change Shit…

We All Take Facts As Facts, Someone Wrote Them Down Then That Is That?



Written While High, Actually It’s A Combination Of Two Pieces

Very Rough Recording On WebCam, Hopefully A Little Teaser For A Poem x Accompanying Video I Have In The Pipe Line

Feedback Is Appreciated



Peace & Power


Give Me A Minute Of Your Time…

Okay, This Feels Rather Unusual Trying To Write A Piece About Myself – Basically I Have Always Loved Words…

Two Years Ago I Ruptured My Anterior Cruciate Ligament In My Left Knee – And Football, My Love, Was Taken From Me…

So, To Kill The Time I Thought I’d Start Of Tryin’ To Write Poetry – Which I Did…

And Then One Night, I Somehow Found Myself On Stage – In An Open Mic Slot – Lost For Words Scrambling For My Blackberry Where I Penned My Lyrics – With The Crowd Jeering & Sneering…

From That Day On I Knew I Had To Step Up My Levels If I Wanted To Take Music Seriously…

Although I am Yet To Record Anything Properly – Here Are Two Links To Two Of My Favorite Pieces I Perform!




Watch Out For A Project From My Team @TheBalconyLDN In The Near Future

Ears Pricked…


Peace & Power

Spotlight On… Chris Searle

A While Back At An Event Organised By Lacoste I Was Lucky Enough To Meet The Young Gentleman I Am About To Introduce To You…

Spotlight On… Chris Searle, 18 Years Old

(Interviewer FD – Felix Dean, Interviewee CS – Chris Searle)

FD: Good Afternoon, Kind Sir – As Agreed, Quick Questions About You… So, What Is Your Profession?

CS: Good Afternoon To You Too, I’m A Freelance Photographer For ID Magazine Online, Hypebeast, Haddon PR And ThreadsTV…

FD: Right Firstly, I Want Five Words & No More! That Describe You?

CS: Crazy, Ambitious, Passionate, Loud, Deep.

FD: Interesting, So Photography, What’s Your First Experience Of Dealing With A Camera?

CS: Literally I Did Art For Five Years In High School And Decided That I Wanted To Do Something Similar Along Those Lines. Picked Up The Book And Decided Sod It Why Not Photography. Let’s Do This.

FD: What Equipment Are You Dealing With At The Moment Then?

CS: Nikon D7000, Nikon f80, Olympus OM10.

FD: You’ve Got ALL This Equipment But What Have You Done With It? Shot Anyone People Reading The May Know About? Elaborate Please…

CS: It Started When I Was Doing A Internship With Dope Chef, A Street Wear Brand Based In London. I Started Doing Photography For Them And Attending Events. I Was There For Around Two Months. I Then Focused On My Last Year Of College Getting A High Grade. Then When I Finished I’ve Been Contacting People And Shooting With Hypebeast, My First Job With Them Was ‘London Collections’ – The Best Experience I’ve Had In My Photography Life So Far.
Then Along The Way I’ve Worked With ID online, Shooting The Likes Of The Vaccines, Will-i-am And With Adidas….. There’s Lots More To Tell, But Check Out The Links ; Wait A Few Months And You Will Hear About Me Everywhere *Cocky Laugh & Smile*.

FD: Okay Okay, Big Talk Now – Care To Show Us Three Of The Best Photos You’ve Ever Taken & Tell Me Why?

CS: Oh Wow, Three Best Photos….. Damn *Laughs*. They Get Better Every Shoot Really. Like When It Comes To Working With Big People In The Music And Art Industry; You’re Constantly Learning. The Photos Below Will Be My Best Photos To Date So Far Each Having A Little Meaning To Me.

FD: What Inspires Your Photos? I Take Some But They’re Very ‘In The Moment’ Do You Approach Every Photo Differently?

CS: I’ve Got A Similar Style Throughout My Photos – But Approach Each Differently, Situation Dependent, Only Been Doing This For Two Years & I’m High Off Life Right No …. Documentary, Street Fashion, Lifestyle, Editorial, Skate Photography Is A Big Part Of Me.
Of Course Portraits Show A Lot In My Portfolio.
At This Moment In Time I’m Shooting Every Day. And If I’m Not I’m Editing. Without fail. Passion, Lifestyle, Hobby work.

FD: Random, But I Like The Shirt You’re Wearing Today, You Seem To Have A Unique Style About You? 

CS: My Floral Ralph Lauren shirt… That’s My Favourite Shirt At The Moment. Clashing And Mixing The Maddest Idea Together Sums Me up Really. Friends, Celebs, Street, Models All A Mix Of Where My Inspiration Comes From!

FD: Dope, Where Can The Readers Find Our More About You?

CS: Check My Three Sites, All Regularly Updated!


FD: Finally, Any Last Shout Outs?…

CS: Big shout To: Hypebeast, ID Online, Threads Tv, Haddon PR,
My Skate Crew, Standard Apparel. Santiago. Lost Generation. FeFe Dean, Ace For The Write Up!!! Peace Out….

FD: Thank You For Your Time Chris – I Admire Your Passion & Drive For You To Succeed – I’m Sure Everyone Agrees That It’s Empowering To See Someone Doing What They Love! See You Soon Sir!