Disposable Set One

Recently My Love For My DSLR Has Diminished – Too Chunky To Carry About… So I’ve Resorted To The Use Of Disposable Cameras – Alas, You Can Never Guarantee Quality With Them…

So – These Are Totally Un Edited, And Am Posting All That Got Developed – Check Them…

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The King Returns

So After A Month On Foreign Land @Kendrick_3000 Returned To The Spot And We Smoked Up, And Saluted The Kush Gods…

The Batch – @FeFeDean x @RappaChick x @Kendrick_3000 x @OhDearArtist x @SamuelNovaD x @SenorAbstract x Browns AKA Marz…

@RappaChick Must Also Take Credit For Some Of The Pictures!

Here We Go

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Peace & Power


The Cut Magazine: Winter Warrior Party



Okay, So On Thursday The 6th Of December The Cut Magazine Is Hosting Its Second Party, WINTER WARRIOR Edition. At Bar 512, Kingsland High Road, E8 48E, Dalston, London.

If You’re Going To Go Out Just The Once This Winter Then Boy, This Is Where You Need To Be…

DJs On The Night Include;

Karnage (Roll Deep) – DOPE!

Siobhan Bell (Cherryade) – DOPE!

D’Vo – DOPE!

Mischa Mafia (NTS) – DOPE!

Ralph Hardy – DOPE!

And Of Course The Resident Cut DJ’s… FUCKIN’ DOPE!

Expect Excessive Dosages Of Hip Hop, Trap, Grime Amongst Others!

The First Party ‘The Cut’ Hosted Went Off – Check The Video Here http://vimeo.com/45931576# – And This One Is Certain To Be 10 Times Better!

WAIT – Have You Seen The Polar Bears Swag On The Flyer? He’s Got A Zoot Hangin’ Out His Mouth – You Mad!

As With Any Event, Feminine Or Not, A Large Amount Of Time Goes Into Deciding What To Wear… So Here’s What I’ll Be WearFUCK THAT – See You There!

Peace & Power


Halloween Livin’ Proof

The Night Started Badly When Half Of My Dons Were Made To Queue Up For An Hour To Get Into A Club Which Was Half Empty – Stupid Security Guards…

And Then Livin’ Proof Let Me Down By Not Playing Darq E Freaker Feat. Danny Brown – Blueberry…

SO We Stepped Outside, Light Up A Few Blunts And Took Some Pictures…

Oh, Shout Out To My Little Don @OIsLike – It Was His Birthday!


















Another Day, Another Bargain…

Let Me Not Bore You With Words. Straight To The Point. Another Day, Another Bargain…

Atlanta Braves Baseball Jacket – £8

Atlanta Braves Baseball Jacket – £8

Nike SB Trainers – £15

Vivienne Westwood T-Shirt – £9

Vintage Floral Shirt £4

Hackett Knitwear – £9

Vintage Floral Shirt – £3

All This For Under £50… I’m Not Complaining At All..

Peace & Power




Clapham Charity Shops

Okay – Being A Keen Charity Shopper – I Delved Into The Four In Clapham Junction – I’ve Passed Them Numerous Times, Yet Have Never Dipped In…

Today I Did – And Here Is What I Got…

Snoopy Tie – £4

Budwesier Jacket – £8

Vintage Chunky Knitwear – £8

Vintage Chunky Knit – £8


With The Winter Months The Chunky Knits Were Essential – And The Rain Proof Budweiser Jacket Will Protect Me From The Expected Constant Drizzle…

If Any Of You Have Found Any Nice Pieces Let Me Know…

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Peace & Power




Spotlight On Another Batch

Last Week I Purchased My First Ever ‘Another Batch’ Piece – This Was Long Over Due…

I Thought I Should Dive Into The Brain Of The Mother & Father Of The Up And Coming Brand!

Spot Light On… Another Batch

FD (Felix Dean): So, We’re Here To Talk About Another Batch – How Did It All Begin? And What Inspired You?

AB (Another Batch, Chuck & Lucy): Whats Up!
Well.. We grew up listening to hip-hop, Loving it and being inspired by it.
We had such a connection to certain songs from artists like: A Tribe Called Quest, Common,
Badu & so on.
It wasn’t until years later that we discovered J Dilla had produced most of our favourite tracks.
After realising that, we went through Dillas whole catalogue.

Fast forward to 2010, we attended a Dilla charity event and loved every second.
The music was perfect, the vibe amazing & everyone in the crowd had the same love for Dilla.
We were so moved we wanted to commemorate him through something.

We decided on the name ‘Another Batch’ as it was the name of one of his albums.


FD: Dope Dope Dope, Long Term Goal For AB?

AB: Our long term goal is for us to sell in niche shops worldwide, still doing our limited edition batches.
We’d also love to raise more money for the J Dilla Foundation, perhaps even being a partner.


FD: Enough Talking, Let’s See Your Products – And What Are Your Favourite Pieces?

AB: Ohhh.. That’s a hard one.
One of our favourites would have to be the first tribute garment we did for Dilla,
in doing so we met his Mother Ma Dukes & Joy the mother of his child.
They blessed us personally which cemented Another Batch.

J Dilla – Another Batch Tribute T-Shirt

More recently we have been experimenting with fabric applique.
Our first venture with applique was the Galileo T-Shirt, everything from the quality of the print to the photo shoot was PERFECT.
That is my favourite so far.

Galileo – Another Batch T-Shirt

Lucy’s favourite is the Hound T-shirt, she loves the minimalistic style & fell in love with the fabric the first time she saw it.


FD: The Galileo Is My Favorite To Date Yo! So… Future Release, What Can We Look Forward To?

AB: We are going to be working on something big that requires a lot of attention to detail over the next couple of months.
So look forward to our release later this year.It’s going to be something new and different to what we’ve done before.


FD: New, I Like The Sound Of It – Keep Taking Those Big Strides Forward And You’ll Achieve All You Want I’m Sure – Where Can People Find Out More About AB, AND Purchase Their First Batch?

AB: You can buy our products & keep up to date with us on our website:www.AnotherBatch.com

Also check out our:

Twitter: @AnotherBatch
Instagram: @AnotherBatch


FD: I’ll 100% Be Purchasing Future Batches! And Now, It’s Over To You – Shout Outs etc Whatever?

AB: We would like to thank EVERYONE who has supported us and believed in us.
Much Love & Power
Chuck & Lucy


FD: ‘Love & Power’ I Like That – However I’m Steadily Screamin’ ‘Peace & Power’ – Much Love & Respect To You Both, ONE!


Spotlight On… Chris Searle

A While Back At An Event Organised By Lacoste I Was Lucky Enough To Meet The Young Gentleman I Am About To Introduce To You…

Spotlight On… Chris Searle, 18 Years Old

(Interviewer FD – Felix Dean, Interviewee CS – Chris Searle)

FD: Good Afternoon, Kind Sir – As Agreed, Quick Questions About You… So, What Is Your Profession?

CS: Good Afternoon To You Too, I’m A Freelance Photographer For ID Magazine Online, Hypebeast, Haddon PR And ThreadsTV…

FD: Right Firstly, I Want Five Words & No More! That Describe You?

CS: Crazy, Ambitious, Passionate, Loud, Deep.

FD: Interesting, So Photography, What’s Your First Experience Of Dealing With A Camera?

CS: Literally I Did Art For Five Years In High School And Decided That I Wanted To Do Something Similar Along Those Lines. Picked Up The Book And Decided Sod It Why Not Photography. Let’s Do This.

FD: What Equipment Are You Dealing With At The Moment Then?

CS: Nikon D7000, Nikon f80, Olympus OM10.

FD: You’ve Got ALL This Equipment But What Have You Done With It? Shot Anyone People Reading The May Know About? Elaborate Please…

CS: It Started When I Was Doing A Internship With Dope Chef, A Street Wear Brand Based In London. I Started Doing Photography For Them And Attending Events. I Was There For Around Two Months. I Then Focused On My Last Year Of College Getting A High Grade. Then When I Finished I’ve Been Contacting People And Shooting With Hypebeast, My First Job With Them Was ‘London Collections’ – The Best Experience I’ve Had In My Photography Life So Far.
Then Along The Way I’ve Worked With ID online, Shooting The Likes Of The Vaccines, Will-i-am And With Adidas….. There’s Lots More To Tell, But Check Out The Links ; Wait A Few Months And You Will Hear About Me Everywhere *Cocky Laugh & Smile*.

FD: Okay Okay, Big Talk Now – Care To Show Us Three Of The Best Photos You’ve Ever Taken & Tell Me Why?

CS: Oh Wow, Three Best Photos….. Damn *Laughs*. They Get Better Every Shoot Really. Like When It Comes To Working With Big People In The Music And Art Industry; You’re Constantly Learning. The Photos Below Will Be My Best Photos To Date So Far Each Having A Little Meaning To Me.

FD: What Inspires Your Photos? I Take Some But They’re Very ‘In The Moment’ Do You Approach Every Photo Differently?

CS: I’ve Got A Similar Style Throughout My Photos – But Approach Each Differently, Situation Dependent, Only Been Doing This For Two Years & I’m High Off Life Right No …. Documentary, Street Fashion, Lifestyle, Editorial, Skate Photography Is A Big Part Of Me.
Of Course Portraits Show A Lot In My Portfolio.
At This Moment In Time I’m Shooting Every Day. And If I’m Not I’m Editing. Without fail. Passion, Lifestyle, Hobby work.

FD: Random, But I Like The Shirt You’re Wearing Today, You Seem To Have A Unique Style About You? 

CS: My Floral Ralph Lauren shirt… That’s My Favourite Shirt At The Moment. Clashing And Mixing The Maddest Idea Together Sums Me up Really. Friends, Celebs, Street, Models All A Mix Of Where My Inspiration Comes From!

FD: Dope, Where Can The Readers Find Our More About You?

CS: Check My Three Sites, All Regularly Updated!


FD: Finally, Any Last Shout Outs?…

CS: Big shout To: Hypebeast, ID Online, Threads Tv, Haddon PR,
My Skate Crew, Standard Apparel. Santiago. Lost Generation. FeFe Dean, Ace For The Write Up!!! Peace Out….

FD: Thank You For Your Time Chris – I Admire Your Passion & Drive For You To Succeed – I’m Sure Everyone Agrees That It’s Empowering To See Someone Doing What They Love! See You Soon Sir!