You’re So Different…

This Is Something I Have Been Waiting To Address For A While Now…

It Really Annoys Me When I See People Tweeting ‘yuk he’s so diffrnt aroun hiz boiz than he iz with me’ Or Something Along The Same Lines…

I Understand What Your Point Is. It Can Be Weird When You See Two Different People In One Person, BUT To Me – That Is Totally Natural…

Not One Person On This Planet Is Identical, So EVERY Person Brings Out Something Different In You. A Different Response. Emotion. Action. Thought.

Conversations With Different People Pull Responses From You. A Reason Why I Believe Conversations With Multiple People Enhance Our Understanding Of The World. You Learn So Much About Yourself In How You Respond To Others.

An Example Being – My Mother Asks Me “How Was Your Day?” And I Respond…

My Boy Asks – “What You Been On Today?” And I Respond…

Both Responses Will Be Totally Different, But Does That Mean I Am Acting/Frontin’ For Either…

So For Us To Be ‘The Same’ Around Everyone Would Be Un Natural Right. Obviously Your Underlying Morals Stay The Same, But Each Can Be Adjusted Within A Situation.

Conversations With Different People Pull Responses From You. A Reason Why I Believe Conversations With Multiple People Enhance Our Understanding Of The World. You Learn So Much About Yourself In How You Respond To Others.

I’ve Just Returned From Amsterdam So Probably Haven’t Gone Into As Much Detail As I Would Have Wished. Fuck It.


Peace & Power


The King Returns

So After A Month On Foreign Land @Kendrick_3000 Returned To The Spot And We Smoked Up, And Saluted The Kush Gods…

The Batch – @FeFeDean x @RappaChick x @Kendrick_3000 x @OhDearArtist x @SamuelNovaD x @SenorAbstract x Browns AKA Marz…

@RappaChick Must Also Take Credit For Some Of The Pictures!

Here We Go

image (1) image (2) image (4) image (5) image (6) image (7) image (8) image (9) image (10) image (11) image (12) image (13) image (14) image (15) image (16) image (17) image (18) image (19) image (20) image (21) image (22) image (23) image (24) image

For More Pictures From Me Follow Me On Twitter @FeFeDean

Peace & Power


Why Doesn’t He Ask…

Ladies… Have You Ever Wondered Why A Male You Are Seeing Doesn’t Ask You How Many Males You Have Slept With Previously?…

Here’s How The Conversation Went Between Tom & Michael Last Night… (Fabricated Names In Conversation For Sake Of Privacy)

Tom: So I’m Being Real With Her Fam!

Michael: I Hear That, Have You Asked How Many Man She Has Slept With Before?

Tom: Nah I Haven’t You Know…

Michael: Why Though? I Usually Do, It’s Calm Unless It’s Like A Mad Number…

Tom: You Know What It Is. I Don’t Even Care For Her Numbers. It’s A Myth Though Because If She Then Asks Me I’ll Be Like Yo… I Don’t Even Fucking Know!

Michael: *Laughs Uncontrollably* Rah, You Ran Through Mad Chicks


In Short. This Doesn’t Apply To Most Men. They Probably Can’t Be Bothered To Ask, Or Genuinely Don’t Care. I Just Found It Amusing So Thought I’d Share.




Peace & Power


What Should Be Left In 2012

This Is My Blog, Right. So This Is What I, Felix Dean, Believe Should Be Left In 2012.

So We’ve Had The Olympics, England’s Failure At The European Championships, And The Anti Climatic Prediction By The Mayans That The World Was Going To End. And Let Me Put It Out There, If Anyone Genuinely Believed That – You Should Be Left In 2012. Along With Memories Previously Mentioned Here’s What I Think Should Be Left In 2012. In No Order.

1. Cuffed Jeans Or Chinos – Look They Initially Seemed A Good Idea. Especially If You Want To Show Off Your New Puma Suedes. Yet, They Look So Cheap. The Invention Of ‘Pin Rolling’ (Defined By Myself As – Using Your Trouser, Folded In A Certain Way, To Clench Your Ankle Which Allows Your Trainers To Be On Full Show) Buried The Cuffed Alternative Six Feet Under. So If You’re Still Wearing Them Now. Leave Them In 2012.

Cuffed Chinos. Leave Them In 2012.

Cuffed Chinos. Leave Them In 2012.

2. Mobile Phones In Profile Pictures – Look, Surely There Is Someone; A Friend, Your Mum, Your Cat Or Dog Who Can Take The Picture For You. Unless You Keep On Asking The Mirror On The Wall Who’s The Most Beautiful Of Them All. And It Probably Isn’t You. Leave Them In 2012.

3. Studs – Studs Fascinated Me When I Saw One Or Two People Wearing Them. It Felt Like They Had Genuinely Gone Out Of Their Way To Customize They’re Clothing. Innovative. Now They’re Being Reeled Out Of A Factory In China & Being Sold To Polly & Tanya In Primark. The Creativity Has Been Taken Out Of Them. And Wearing Them Now Shows A Limited Creativity & High Levels Of Conformity. The Nail In The Coffin Was While At A Hip Hop Party, A Friend Approached Me Who I Have Never Seen Out Before. I Was Blinded By A Light Coming From His Head. He Was Wearing What I Presumed Was A SnapBack Covered, And When I Mean Covered I Mean Covered In Silver Studs. Leave Them In 2012.

Studs. Leave Them In 2012.

Studs. Leave Them In 2012.

4. Burgundy Trousers – To Be Honest, Burgundy Trousers Should Have Been Left In The First Half Of 2012. Their Credibility Dropped As The Year Went On. They Had Their Time. Their Time Ended. Like Every Trend It Will Come Around Again, So Maybe Put Them In The Attic And Bring Them Out At A Much Later Date. Leave Them In 2012.

5. YOLO Clothing – Look… Just Look… You’re Not About This Life. Take Off Your T-Shirt, Go Home And Play On A Games Console. I Needn’t Say Anymore. Please Just Take My Advice. Leave Them In 2012.

6. Shoulder Or Elbow Patches – Again, It Just Looks Cheap. I Don’t Think There Is A More Played Out Design This Year Than Elbow Patches. On Blazers. Jumpers. Knitwear. I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If River Island Tried To Incorporate An Elbow Patch Onto A Vest. Leave Them In 2012.

Shoulder Or Elbow Patches. Leave Them In 2012.

Shoulder Or Elbow Patches. Leave Them In 2012.

7. Having A Digital SLR Around Your Neck – No One Looks At You Anymore Like ‘Okay, I See You Bruh With That Canon’ – I Look Upon Those Who Still Carry Their Camera Around Their Neck With Pity And  Think ‘Your Neck Is Definitely Hurting’ – Most People Now Have A Decent Camera. We Don’t Need To See It Constantly Mate. Seeing The Pictures You Actually Take Might Be Interesting Though, Are There Any? Leave Them In 2012.

8. Superdry – Sorry. I Know Most Of You Probably Own An Item Of Superdry Clothing, But It’s Boring As Fuck. Over Priced For What It Is. And Every Body Wears It. Personally I See No Attraction To The Brand. ‘Pop Down To Your Local TK Max For Amazing Offers On Superdry T-Shirts, Starting From £4.99’… Superdry. Leave Them In 2012.

9. Memes – ‘Bitches Be Like… *Inserts Desperate Attempt To Gain One More Follower*’ – I Haven’t Seen One That Is Mildly Amusing. And Most People Stoop Low Enough To Joke About Poverty, Racial Issues Or Make Sexist Remarks. Clever. Leave Them In 2012.

10. Double Denim – There Is No Way That Double Denim Will Ever Be Ridden Of Properly. As Denim Jackets & Jeans Will Always Be Sold. I Think It’s When Matching Double Denim Is Worn (Namely True Religion) That I Cringe & Break Down. Leave It In 2012.

And There We Have It, My List Of 10 Things That… WAIT A MINUTE – There’s A Number 11 On This List…

11. Nike Blazers – This Is The Story… I Leave A Party, And There’s A Man Handing Out Flyers About His Forthcoming Rave, He Approaches Three Girls, They Don’t Seem Too Interested – He Then Tries To Win Them Over By “*Points At Red Blazers On His Feet* Come On I’m Wearing Blazers And There Will Be Lots Of Boys In Blazers There”… What The Actual Fuck. So Yeah, EVERY Chuck And Larry Own A Pair Of Blazers Now. So Ditch Them & Get Creative. Leave Them In 2012.

Nike Blazers. Leave Them In 2012.

Nike Blazers. Leave Them In 2012.

So That Concludes My List Of What Should Not Be Following Us Into The New Year. If I Offended Anyone. Tough Shit.

Peace & Power


Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation.

I Take Photographs, I’m Not A Photographer.

I Write Words, I’m Neither A Poet Or A Rapper.

I Have An Imagination That Occasionally Runs Wild, I’m Not A Creative.

I Love Music, I’m Not A DJ.

What Am I…

Lost. Yes.

Lately, My Mind Has Been Running Wild With Ideas For Short Films, Photo Shoots And Clothing Designs.

The Only Problem Is They Tend To Lose Their Impetus When I Either Try To Explain To Others, Or Put Onto Paper.

Now This Is A Problem. As Ideas That I Believe Will Make An Impact Inevitably Don’t.

Take A Short Film For Example. Of Which I Have Considered Making Numerous Times.. Many Ideas However Aren’t Understood Until They Are Seen, Completed. Right? So I Think That Maybe I Should Go Forth With Making The Film. But Wait, I’m Not A Camera Man. And Nor Do I Want To Become A Jack Of All Trades Without Mastering My Craft. Which Is What? I Ask Myself Daily. So – Ideas Are Put On Hold, Or Forgotten. I Think For Creative Work It Is Essential That Who You Are Working With Shares The Same Vision And Fully Buys Into The Idea. Or The Work Will Not Reflect The Imagination And Thought Processes Put Into It.

So, Is This A Psychological Problem? And Maybe It Needs Me Just To Step Out Of My Comfort Zone And Go For It Just The Once. And Then I’ll Have The Confidence In The Future?

Or Is It Something Else. Something, Someone Telling Me To Store Ideas In My Head & I Will One Day Be In A Position, Or Meet Someone Who Thinks The Same Way As Me And We’ll Put Ideas Into Practice.

This Thought Has Been Mulling Over In My Mind For A While. So Yeah. Help Me.

Peace & Power


Halloween Livin’ Proof

The Night Started Badly When Half Of My Dons Were Made To Queue Up For An Hour To Get Into A Club Which Was Half Empty – Stupid Security Guards…

And Then Livin’ Proof Let Me Down By Not Playing Darq E Freaker Feat. Danny Brown – Blueberry…

SO We Stepped Outside, Light Up A Few Blunts And Took Some Pictures…

Oh, Shout Out To My Little Don @OIsLike – It Was His Birthday!


















Spotlight On… The Energy

On The 23rd Of September 2012, At An Event Called ‘Steeze’ At The Honor Oak Pub In South East London, I Was Lucky Enough To Witness And Hear ‘The Energy’ Perform…

I Was Instantly Captivated By The Sounds I Was Hearing… I Found Myself In A Weird Trance Like State, Un Aware Of The Three White Girls Drinking Pints, Sitting Next To Me. The Music Took Me To A Place I Had Never Been Before…
So I Thought It My Duty To Find Out More About ‘The Energy’…
Felix Dean:Good Evening Good Evening! Thank You For Giving Me The Time Of Your Day To Make This Happen…
The Energy: That’s ok 😉
FD: Right, So ‘The Energy’ – Consists Of?
TE: Just the two of us and All life
FD:Let’s Start With The Name First & Who You Actually Are. Why Are You Called ‘The Energy’ & How Long Have You Been Together?
TE: The name came up during a birthday dinner. We are two beings making music that we love. We’ve been together many light years but on earth since January 2012. And before that working on other projects since 2008.
FD:So I Heard Your Music For The First Time A While Back, I’m Saddened That Your Sound Has Only Just Come Into My Life – I’m Struggling To Define The Art Form You’ve Mastered – Can You Elaborate On The Music You Make?
TE: Sound is the universe
FD: ‘Sound Is The Universe’ I Like That. Where Do You Take Your Inspiration From? Relatives, Musicians, Artists etc?…
TE: Nature, Emotions, everything really…..musically: Sun Ra and other cosmic wanderers.
FD: Do You Have Anything Recorded? Because All I Can Find Online Is Three Videos – Though Each Song Is Amazing, I Desire More!
TE: Yes we have tracks on our site (see below)
FD: So Any Plans For An EP/Album/Single In The Near Future?
TE: Yes we are currently working on the album….we plan to record in New York. 
FD: I’m Eagerly Anticipating The Album! Where Can People Find Out More About You & Hear Your Music In The Mean Time?
TE: & @theenergysmusic on other various channels
FD: Finally, Anything Else You Want To Say?
TE: Thanks for your time, we appreciate it very much…We live on a world of light and sound.
FD: Thank YOU For Your Time Again, And I Look Forward To More Music From You In The Future! Peace & Power!

Another Day, Another Bargain…

Let Me Not Bore You With Words. Straight To The Point. Another Day, Another Bargain…

Atlanta Braves Baseball Jacket – £8

Atlanta Braves Baseball Jacket – £8

Nike SB Trainers – £15

Vivienne Westwood T-Shirt – £9

Vintage Floral Shirt £4

Hackett Knitwear – £9

Vintage Floral Shirt – £3

All This For Under £50… I’m Not Complaining At All..

Peace & Power