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OpenGoldenRucksack – Open Rucksack

OpenGoldenRucksack – Open Rucksack

OpenGoldenRucksack – OpenRucksack


There’s A New Age. And A New Sound.


The Light Shines On The World And The Rests Ours


Wrote This Poem A While Ago…

Emotions – Felix Dean


Why Do We All Suppress Them,

Rumour Has It That If We Open Our Mind Then They’re The Best And,

We All Make Out That We Give A Lot And Get A Lot Less Then,

We’re Scared To Give Again,

Love Only Shown To Our Closest Friends And The Ones That Stand Outside The Box It Takes A Lot,


I Look Back At Memories,

Puzzles That I Thought Were Complete,

Retracing My Steps Pieces Stick To My Feet And I See They Weren’t So Secure So I Have To Make A New Path,

I Ended The Conversations But You Had The Last Laugh,

I Guess,

Maybe It’s For The Best That I Never Find Out,

About The Cocktail I Was Swimming In,

Reaching For The Surface But The Sun Light In My Eyes Is The Only Part I Saw Of You,

A Blurry Image Distorted As I Drowned Myself In My Own Thoughts About What You Might Be Doing,

How Many Other Men You Are Pursuing,


You Tell Me You Love Me,

To Me That’s A Black Word,

One Whispered In Ears But Never Heard,

Ticked Off The Check List For The Fear Of Living In Limbo Started To Close In,

So I Lie To You And I Lie To Myself,

For Some Reason I Keep On Chasing Materialistic Wealth,

When I Know The Feelings Inside Are What It’s All About,

But I’ve Always Been The Kind To Bend The Rules,

Fools Gold Keeps On Foolin’ The Fools,

I Guess I’m A Fool For Being Fooled And I Fell For You And What I Thought You Had To Offer,

Mixed Messages,

Elaborate Sentences That Went On And Swayed From The Matter At Hand,

We Spoke Of Lavish Holidays Where We Would Connect Over White Sand,

But The Only White Sand We Saw Was So Small That It Was Measured It Grams,

We All Described Ourself As Understanding But We Never Understand,

How A Solid Foundation Falls Away & The Past Quite Often Pops Up Out Of Nowhere And Fails Future Plans,

Now I’m On Two Knees And I’ve Got My Hands On My Head,

You Look Down Deep Into My Eyes And I Said…

Fuck What Anybody Else Says Or Advise, If This Is Right Then It’ll Be, If Not Then We Take Our Own Lead, Head To The Furthest Horizon And Leave Behind The Shadows Of Me Because I’m A Dream – White Lies Constantly Whispered In Your Ear So Naturally I’m Not All That I Seem…



Peace & Power

The Cut Magazine: Winter Warrior Party



Okay, So On Thursday The 6th Of December The Cut Magazine Is Hosting Its Second Party, WINTER WARRIOR Edition. At Bar 512, Kingsland High Road, E8 48E, Dalston, London.

If You’re Going To Go Out Just The Once This Winter Then Boy, This Is Where You Need To Be…

DJs On The Night Include;

Karnage (Roll Deep) – DOPE!

Siobhan Bell (Cherryade) – DOPE!

D’Vo – DOPE!

Mischa Mafia (NTS) – DOPE!

Ralph Hardy – DOPE!

And Of Course The Resident Cut DJ’s… FUCKIN’ DOPE!

Expect Excessive Dosages Of Hip Hop, Trap, Grime Amongst Others!

The First Party ‘The Cut’ Hosted Went Off – Check The Video Here http://vimeo.com/45931576# – And This One Is Certain To Be 10 Times Better!

WAIT – Have You Seen The Polar Bears Swag On The Flyer? He’s Got A Zoot Hangin’ Out His Mouth – You Mad!

As With Any Event, Feminine Or Not, A Large Amount Of Time Goes Into Deciding What To Wear… So Here’s What I’ll Be WearFUCK THAT – See You There!

Peace & Power


Spotlight On… The Energy

On The 23rd Of September 2012, At An Event Called ‘Steeze’ At The Honor Oak Pub In South East London, I Was Lucky Enough To Witness And Hear ‘The Energy’ Perform…

I Was Instantly Captivated By The Sounds I Was Hearing… I Found Myself In A Weird Trance Like State, Un Aware Of The Three White Girls Drinking Pints, Sitting Next To Me. The Music Took Me To A Place I Had Never Been Before…
So I Thought It My Duty To Find Out More About ‘The Energy’…
Felix Dean:Good Evening Good Evening! Thank You For Giving Me The Time Of Your Day To Make This Happen…
The Energy: That’s ok 😉
FD: Right, So ‘The Energy’ – Consists Of?
TE: Just the two of us and All life
FD:Let’s Start With The Name First & Who You Actually Are. Why Are You Called ‘The Energy’ & How Long Have You Been Together?
TE: The name came up during a birthday dinner. We are two beings making music that we love. We’ve been together many light years but on earth since January 2012. And before that working on other projects since 2008.
FD:So I Heard Your Music For The First Time A While Back, I’m Saddened That Your Sound Has Only Just Come Into My Life – I’m Struggling To Define The Art Form You’ve Mastered – Can You Elaborate On The Music You Make?
TE: Sound is the universe
FD: ‘Sound Is The Universe’ I Like That. Where Do You Take Your Inspiration From? Relatives, Musicians, Artists etc?…
TE: Nature, Emotions, everything really…..musically: Sun Ra and other cosmic wanderers.
FD: Do You Have Anything Recorded? Because All I Can Find Online Is Three Videos – Though Each Song Is Amazing, I Desire More!
TE: Yes we have tracks on our site (see below)
FD: So Any Plans For An EP/Album/Single In The Near Future?
TE: Yes we are currently working on the album….we plan to record in New York. 
FD: I’m Eagerly Anticipating The Album! Where Can People Find Out More About You & Hear Your Music In The Mean Time?
TE: www.the-energy.co.uk & @theenergysmusic on other various channels
FD: Finally, Anything Else You Want To Say?
TE: Thanks for your time, we appreciate it very much…We live on a world of light and sound.
FD: Thank YOU For Your Time Again, And I Look Forward To More Music From You In The Future! Peace & Power!

Spotlight On Another Batch

Last Week I Purchased My First Ever ‘Another Batch’ Piece – This Was Long Over Due…

I Thought I Should Dive Into The Brain Of The Mother & Father Of The Up And Coming Brand!

Spot Light On… Another Batch

FD (Felix Dean): So, We’re Here To Talk About Another Batch – How Did It All Begin? And What Inspired You?

AB (Another Batch, Chuck & Lucy): Whats Up!
Well.. We grew up listening to hip-hop, Loving it and being inspired by it.
We had such a connection to certain songs from artists like: A Tribe Called Quest, Common,
Badu & so on.
It wasn’t until years later that we discovered J Dilla had produced most of our favourite tracks.
After realising that, we went through Dillas whole catalogue.

Fast forward to 2010, we attended a Dilla charity event and loved every second.
The music was perfect, the vibe amazing & everyone in the crowd had the same love for Dilla.
We were so moved we wanted to commemorate him through something.

We decided on the name ‘Another Batch’ as it was the name of one of his albums.


FD: Dope Dope Dope, Long Term Goal For AB?

AB: Our long term goal is for us to sell in niche shops worldwide, still doing our limited edition batches.
We’d also love to raise more money for the J Dilla Foundation, perhaps even being a partner.


FD: Enough Talking, Let’s See Your Products – And What Are Your Favourite Pieces?

AB: Ohhh.. That’s a hard one.
One of our favourites would have to be the first tribute garment we did for Dilla,
in doing so we met his Mother Ma Dukes & Joy the mother of his child.
They blessed us personally which cemented Another Batch.

J Dilla – Another Batch Tribute T-Shirt

More recently we have been experimenting with fabric applique.
Our first venture with applique was the Galileo T-Shirt, everything from the quality of the print to the photo shoot was PERFECT.
That is my favourite so far.

Galileo – Another Batch T-Shirt

Lucy’s favourite is the Hound T-shirt, she loves the minimalistic style & fell in love with the fabric the first time she saw it.


FD: The Galileo Is My Favorite To Date Yo! So… Future Release, What Can We Look Forward To?

AB: We are going to be working on something big that requires a lot of attention to detail over the next couple of months.
So look forward to our release later this year.It’s going to be something new and different to what we’ve done before.


FD: New, I Like The Sound Of It – Keep Taking Those Big Strides Forward And You’ll Achieve All You Want I’m Sure – Where Can People Find Out More About AB, AND Purchase Their First Batch?

AB: You can buy our products & keep up to date with us on our website:www.AnotherBatch.com

Also check out our:

Twitter: @AnotherBatch
Instagram: @AnotherBatch


FD: I’ll 100% Be Purchasing Future Batches! And Now, It’s Over To You – Shout Outs etc Whatever?

AB: We would like to thank EVERYONE who has supported us and believed in us.
Much Love & Power
Chuck & Lucy


FD: ‘Love & Power’ I Like That – However I’m Steadily Screamin’ ‘Peace & Power’ – Much Love & Respect To You Both, ONE!


Give Me A Minute Of Your Time…

Okay, This Feels Rather Unusual Trying To Write A Piece About Myself – Basically I Have Always Loved Words…

Two Years Ago I Ruptured My Anterior Cruciate Ligament In My Left Knee – And Football, My Love, Was Taken From Me…

So, To Kill The Time I Thought I’d Start Of Tryin’ To Write Poetry – Which I Did…

And Then One Night, I Somehow Found Myself On Stage – In An Open Mic Slot – Lost For Words Scrambling For My Blackberry Where I Penned My Lyrics – With The Crowd Jeering & Sneering…

From That Day On I Knew I Had To Step Up My Levels If I Wanted To Take Music Seriously…

Although I am Yet To Record Anything Properly – Here Are Two Links To Two Of My Favorite Pieces I Perform!




Watch Out For A Project From My Team @TheBalconyLDN In The Near Future

Ears Pricked…


Peace & Power

Meddling Loops

Okay, I Can’t Lie – Music Coming Out Of The UK Currently Doesn’t Inspire Me, Or Make Me Think. Maybe I’m Lookin’ In The Wrong Place? Tell Me If I Am…

Wait, On That Point I Should Point Out A Few U.K Artists/Collectives That I DO Listen To – The Quaranteam; Consisting Of @loudmouthmelvin x @skillitmusic x @PyroBarz x @ChrisMentalist (http://www.hulkshare.com/f2efjv9cc5ta Download #TheQuaranteamEP Right Now, Or It’s A War), @AaronJaunty, @IAmKinetic & Last But Not Least, @TheBullitts – More On All Of Them In Future Posts…

Back Onto The Topic Of Discussion…

MEDDLING LOOPS By @RejjieSnow x @CraveMoore x @Jesstafariah


Sit Back & Listen

About A Month Ago, My Friend @JunaCosmos Sent Me A Link To Listen To This Song & I Have To Admit, On First Impression I Wasn’t Too Impressed – However Since That Day The Track Has Grown & Me & Find Myself Daily Reciting Quotable Lyrics From Each Three Of The Rappers Verse – All Three Damage The Beat Differently With Their Unique Flows… And I Was Lucky Enough To See Them Perform The Hit Live At The Amersham Arms, In New Cross, At An Event Called Bully (http://www.facebook.com/bullyhq)

Rejjie Snows – A Black Irish Rapper, Who Rhymes With The Same Aggressive Nature As Tyler, The Creator – “Back Stabbin’ The Name Of Malcolm X And Some Cotton Pickers” – The Way I Decoded This Line It’s A Reference To All Who Are Willin’ To Make Sacrifices To Achieve What They Want – This Can Be Seen In Two Lights… Neglecting What You’re About To Reach Goals… Or Making Certain Cuts So That You Come Back Stronger…

Crave – From What I’ve Heard Is A Surface Level Rapper, Who Talks About What He Does In A Way Others Struggle To – Sometimes Boastful But Not To An Extent That It Annoys… – “Use To Be My N**** Now He’s Movin’ Kinda Different, Wishin’ Money Weren’t An Issue But It’s Known As A Curse” – How Many Of You Can Not Relate To That? ‘Friends’, A Loosely Used Term, Change With The Seasons… You Think You Know Someone, But You Don’t – Pricks! And Money, Even In The Tightest Of Friendship/Relationships Becomes An Issue At Some Point… Will It Break You? Or Make You?

Jesse James – Lazy With The Flow, But His Words Are Very Powerful – “But The Truth Is More Important Than The Facts”“But The Truth Is More Important Than The Facts” – Why The Fuck Did I Not Pen This In One Of My Rhymes… That’s So Thought Provoking And Truthful That… “But The Truth Is More Important Than The Facts” – Na, Fuck It I’m Done…


Peace & Power

And The Other Half

“Don’t be afraid to look up at the sky..”


Once, a girl I used to see tried to end our engagement because I refused tell her why I started calling myself the @4lchemist. I remember her thinking I’d joined a cult or something.. sorry, it’s nowhere near that interesting.


“I’ve always been interested in women, i’m drawn to them. They have a magnetic force towards me. I’ve always been intrigued by them and when I see one I always have a knack to talk to them.” – Mike Tyson


When I was 15 I escaped from the friend-zone, it was my Shawshank – and I, Andy Dufresne am never going back.



I believe I once said that the best way to get to know someone was to switch iPods with them for a day so..



 A is for.. Anarchy. Do whatever you want, dress however you want, live however you want, because.. why not.



I wear vans at least 5 days of the week with..collared shirts, and trousers so tight you can see my sperm count. I don’t pay much attention to trends or celebrity style – i’m still waiting to make my own.


Alchemy was the ancient science with the purpose of turning basic elements into something infinitely more desirable, rare – gold.


It’s Mid-summer and the sun is trying its best to tan me (lol) – my brother Fe and I are recovering from hours of relentless shopping, in a public park, lounging on the bags our clothes came in.. things are close to perfect. He passes me a cone, THC and the song on the speakers hit me at the same time


( Pharrell – You Can Do It Too )


Why couldn’t life be like this every day of the week?


So I, Ace decided to take all these basic talents afforded to me and make them Avant-Garde. Gold.


BxG Mentality

Who Am I? What Are We?

So… As The First Post Of ‘LeaningOverTheBalcony’ An Introduction To Who Is Hittin’ You With The Dope Shit On Fashion, Music & … Well, Life In General Seems Necessary…

What Us Inspires Us Both Most, As Mentioned Above, Is Music & Fashion… Along With Women… Both Of Us Make Our Own Music & Throughout This Blog Will Be Showcasing Our Talents & Our Wide Array Of Attire…

Me. @FeFeDean If Any Of You Are On Twitter…

I’m – ‘A Hipster Hating, Black Chick Taking, White Boy But I’m Far From You Favorite’ – My Own Lyric, Thought Of While Freestyling On The 37 Bus To Work This Morning – Fuck A Hipster Basically, I Really Am Not One For Following Trends etc…  I Love Black Women. I Have Never Been In A Relationship With A White Girl…They Say “Once You Go Bl” NO – None Of Those Corny Lines Either…  And Last But Not Least, I’m Far From Your Favorite BUT Maybe One Day I Will Be…

I Believe That The Wind Is Alive & The Moon Is Sleepin’ On Those Star Filled Nights” – The First Line From A Poem I Wrote Entitled ‘I Believe’ – (I’m Sure I Will Post In Full At Some Point) – This Basically Sums Up My View On The World & People – There Is Always More Than Meets The Eye – I Believe In, A, God – But, Controversially, Also Life Without One Can Be Equally As Fulfilling. It’s Hard Sometimes To See How The Words In The Bible Can Be So Definite, When Written Such A long Time Ago & By A Man. I Believe Everyone Can Have Their Own God.

What The Fuck Is A Crime Against Fashion?” – A Friend Once Asked Me This… And I Didn’t Know What To Say (Apart From T90’s With Jeans, Fugggg Dahhhh)! Personally, What You Wear Is A Way Of Expressing Yourself; Not All The Time Because We All Have Those Days Of Not Givin’ A Hoot What We Wear – But Usually So… However It Doesn’t And Shouldn’t Define You – Wearing A Certain Garment Doesn’t Immediately Put You Into A Category, Hipster, Chav, Indie Kid, Grunger etc etc – As The Blog Develops You Will Get An Insight Into My Wardrobe So Don’t Worry… Bet I Got That Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Piece Though!

Ever Wondered What It Feels Like, To Wake Up And Do Whatever You Feel Like‘ – Word To Sir Michael Rocks For This One… Never Has A Line Defined My Life So Much. I Dream Of Being Able To Wake Up & Do Whatever I Feel Like, Whatever The Fuckin’ Fuck I Feel Like – You Feel Me? – With The People That I Love & Care About… I’m The Kind Of Guy That Brings Friends Into Anything I Do – While I’m At It Shout Out To My Brothers – @4lchemist – @JunaCosmos – @RashidBabiker And @OneTrueShogun – More About The Latter Three Once We’ve Finished Cookin’ In The Kitchen…

And That’s A Quick Piece About Myself, Now I’ll Pass You Over To The Best Card In The Deck…

*Looks At Watch*

Right, So This Is A Partial Introduction To My Friend, He’s Usually Late…

His Introductory Piece Will Be Published At A Later Date…