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The Cut – Love Hangover

The Cut Love Hangover

Didn’t Get That Valentines Vagina You Wanted. Didn’t Get The Dickin’ Down You Needed. I’m Single And Seeeeaaaaarrrrching (If You Listen To Ugandan Music You May Know The Lyrics)

Come Down To The Third Installment Of @TheCutMag Parties – The Previous Two Haven’t Failed To Disappoint – With An Experimental Combination Of DJs  Expect The Vibe To Change Throughout The Night…

Personally Amy Becker (LTT) Is One Of The Hottest Female DJs On The Scene At The Moment…

Get Yourself Down. Party. Live Life. Love. Lie. Get What You Want


Peace & Power

The Cut Magazine: Winter Warrior Party



Okay, So On Thursday The 6th Of December The Cut Magazine Is Hosting Its Second Party, WINTER WARRIOR Edition. At Bar 512, Kingsland High Road, E8 48E, Dalston, London.

If You’re Going To Go Out Just The Once This Winter Then Boy, This Is Where You Need To Be…

DJs On The Night Include;

Karnage (Roll Deep) – DOPE!

Siobhan Bell (Cherryade) – DOPE!

D’Vo – DOPE!

Mischa Mafia (NTS) – DOPE!

Ralph Hardy – DOPE!

And Of Course The Resident Cut DJ’s… FUCKIN’ DOPE!

Expect Excessive Dosages Of Hip Hop, Trap, Grime Amongst Others!

The First Party ‘The Cut’ Hosted Went Off – Check The Video Here http://vimeo.com/45931576# – And This One Is Certain To Be 10 Times Better!

WAIT – Have You Seen The Polar Bears Swag On The Flyer? He’s Got A Zoot Hangin’ Out His Mouth – You Mad!

As With Any Event, Feminine Or Not, A Large Amount Of Time Goes Into Deciding What To Wear… So Here’s What I’ll Be WearFUCK THAT – See You There!

Peace & Power


Meddling Loops

Okay, I Can’t Lie – Music Coming Out Of The UK Currently Doesn’t Inspire Me, Or Make Me Think. Maybe I’m Lookin’ In The Wrong Place? Tell Me If I Am…

Wait, On That Point I Should Point Out A Few U.K Artists/Collectives That I DO Listen To – The Quaranteam; Consisting Of @loudmouthmelvin x @skillitmusic x @PyroBarz x @ChrisMentalist (http://www.hulkshare.com/f2efjv9cc5ta Download #TheQuaranteamEP Right Now, Or It’s A War), @AaronJaunty, @IAmKinetic & Last But Not Least, @TheBullitts – More On All Of Them In Future Posts…

Back Onto The Topic Of Discussion…

MEDDLING LOOPS By @RejjieSnow x @CraveMoore x @Jesstafariah


Sit Back & Listen

About A Month Ago, My Friend @JunaCosmos Sent Me A Link To Listen To This Song & I Have To Admit, On First Impression I Wasn’t Too Impressed – However Since That Day The Track Has Grown & Me & Find Myself Daily Reciting Quotable Lyrics From Each Three Of The Rappers Verse – All Three Damage The Beat Differently With Their Unique Flows… And I Was Lucky Enough To See Them Perform The Hit Live At The Amersham Arms, In New Cross, At An Event Called Bully (http://www.facebook.com/bullyhq)

Rejjie Snows – A Black Irish Rapper, Who Rhymes With The Same Aggressive Nature As Tyler, The Creator – “Back Stabbin’ The Name Of Malcolm X And Some Cotton Pickers” – The Way I Decoded This Line It’s A Reference To All Who Are Willin’ To Make Sacrifices To Achieve What They Want – This Can Be Seen In Two Lights… Neglecting What You’re About To Reach Goals… Or Making Certain Cuts So That You Come Back Stronger…

Crave – From What I’ve Heard Is A Surface Level Rapper, Who Talks About What He Does In A Way Others Struggle To – Sometimes Boastful But Not To An Extent That It Annoys… – “Use To Be My N**** Now He’s Movin’ Kinda Different, Wishin’ Money Weren’t An Issue But It’s Known As A Curse” – How Many Of You Can Not Relate To That? ‘Friends’, A Loosely Used Term, Change With The Seasons… You Think You Know Someone, But You Don’t – Pricks! And Money, Even In The Tightest Of Friendship/Relationships Becomes An Issue At Some Point… Will It Break You? Or Make You?

Jesse James – Lazy With The Flow, But His Words Are Very Powerful – “But The Truth Is More Important Than The Facts”“But The Truth Is More Important Than The Facts” – Why The Fuck Did I Not Pen This In One Of My Rhymes… That’s So Thought Provoking And Truthful That… “But The Truth Is More Important Than The Facts” – Na, Fuck It I’m Done…


Peace & Power