Felix Dean – Believe In The Smoke

Felix Dean – Believe In The Smoke



When I Blow Trees I Slow My Speech And Revel In Days When I Moderated The Breeze Which Resembled Perfect Peace In The East,

Still Live In The Belly Of The Beast Whisper Words Into The Air That I Want To Be Seen,

Eye Shots With A Window Breeze, A Full Spliff And A Few More Bags Of Cheese, Who Are We, Chillin’ And Free Optimistic…

Attempted A Move, And We Flew, A Crew But A Little More Smooth…

A Mellow Tune And A Mellow Mood A Light Lit And A Fire Sparked, Thought About Life And I Laughed, What Is It , Who? When? What? Why? Questions, Lies…

Cut Down Trees, Burn The Planet, But I Want To Live Forever, So What Am I Doing Fluent And True In The Path I’m Pursuing…

Ignorant Mood As A Flower Blooms, A Smile Turned To A Frown And I Frown Hands In Pocket Face To The Ground, It Wasn’t Found But They Knew…

Living The Dream But I Sleep,

Mirrored My Life In The A B C,

But Baby I See I Can Be All That You Want Me To Be And A Little Bit More,

I’ve Seen This Halways I’ve Treaded These Floors  And Unveiled My Flaws And We Saw What  We Didn’t Want To,

An Honest Guy I Told A Honest Lie I Had To,

Clenched My Fist Picked Up My Pride And Ran Through This Zoo That I Live In,

Robots As Children,

Pieces Of Puzzles Are Victims And I’m Just Looking Out Over My City Thinking What Is The Meaning,

Dreaming, Believing…

But The Dreams That I Have Aren’t In The Plan That He Had,

Frowned Upon And I Smile,

I’ve Faced This Before,

I Pray And We Talk,

And I Smoke And I Pray And I Pray That This Smoke Will Take The Pain Away Of The Unanswered Questions,

Raised In Hell But With An Angel I Dwell,

Until Old School Friends Play Kiss And Tell,

Wish Upon  A Wishing Well But I’m Not Wishing Anyone Well,

Well… Positive Outlook,

I Look Out And Cover My Eyes From The Sun,

It’s Like A One v One And I Won,

Three Sides To Me,

Triangles Of Speech,

Spectrums Of Light That Other Can’t See They Don ‘t Believe,

Smoke Rules Me As I Am Living In Everything Underneath As It Rises,

Yet Authority Is Mine,

And I Mine What’s Mine I Reap I Sow I Look I Find,

I Halted,

Perfect Not Guilty,

Not Quite Full So Still A Little Needy,

Explain Why.


Your Mad At Me For Speaking Out Of Turn,

I Yearn For More Knowledge,

But If I’m Honest – Everything I Know Now Is Borrowed. He Told Me She Told Me. The Day I Follow My Ideas, Me The Director, Me As The Lead Then I’ll Become A Little Closer To Finding Out Just A Little Bit About Myself,

In This Space That We Know As Life ,

I’m A Dot On A Canvas Yet To Be Given Life,

Little Bit Stagnant, Sluggish, Inactive, Dormant,

We Want But We Can’t Afford It,

But We Flaunt With Shit That We Still Can’t Afford,

And We’re Not Happy When We Have What We Wanted Even Though We Know We Shouldn’t Have It,

The Materialistic Feel Its Real Like A Magnet It Tugs At My Spirit,

We Want To Make Change, We Made Change, We Had To Stop Change So We Could Really Make Change…

The Times Are Changing, The Time Is Changing, The Realisation That Time Is Running Out Makes Me Want To

Change Shit…

We All Take Facts As Facts, Someone Wrote Them Down Then That Is That?



Written While High, Actually It’s A Combination Of Two Pieces

Very Rough Recording On WebCam, Hopefully A Little Teaser For A Poem x Accompanying Video I Have In The Pipe Line

Feedback Is Appreciated



Peace & Power


Birthday Weekend…

So… Last Weekend Was My Birthday Weekend – You Would Expect To See Multiple Pictures Of Myself, But In Truth I’m Not A Fan Of Pictures Of Moi…

So As Usual, I Got Snappin’ And Editing…

And This Is What Happened…


Decided Against Up-Loading Them All Half Way Through… Enjoy


Peace & Power

Prang – 17th August – The Waiting Room – Stoke Newington

I’m Writing This After A Wild Night In Stoke Newington With My Boys; While Listening To Theophilus London – Rose Island Vol. 1

This Was All Of Our First Time At The Event ‘Prang’ And We Were Not Disappointed, A Slightly Different Crowd To What We Are Use To Partying With – But The Wide Range Of Music Being Played For, Catered For All Needs…


The Tunes That Banged The Hardest Last Night Were…

Cheif Keef Feat. Lil Reese – I Don’t Like (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WcRXJ4piHg)

Wiz Khalifa Feat. Chevy Woods – Taylor Gang (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09iAlDwZqzs)

Though Neither Have ANY Lyrical Depth, The Production And The Vibe You Catch From Both Means They Will Pop In Any Club… 

However Live Any Night Is, You Always Find Yourself Outside Drinking, Smoking & Laughing With Friends, And Last Night Was No Different!



The Night Finished At Around 4am – And Guess What, We Stopped Off At Dixy Chicken – Being From South London The Opportunity To Dine At Dixy Is A Rarity…

A Long Journey Home, Another Failed Attempt At Finding Any Barclays Bikes That Worked (Fuck You Boris), And Some Over Excited Teenage Girls On The Bus Rounded Up The Night…