The Legitimacy Of My Speech…

Okay So Firstly The Title ‘The Legitimacy Of My Speech’ Is A Little Confusing, I Will Explain…

It’s About 11.30pm And Me & My Two Boys Are On The Train, Coming Heading Home From A Failed Night Out. High. One Is Asleep Two Seats ALong From Me, The Other Opposite & Listening To Music. Two Mid 20 Females Board The Train & Sit Opposite Me, I Think Nothing Of It.

I’m Staying On The Train Longer Than My Boys, It Comes To Their Stop. I Wake One With A Tap On The Shoulder And Say “Yo This Is Your Stop” He Stand I Saw “Shout Me When You Get In Brother” And Proceed To ‘Nudge’ Him – The Second Gets Up And I Say “Get Home Safely… Bless” And Again Nudge Him.

They Depart. And I’m Sitting There.

The Journey Continues, Briefly, Until I Hear The Women Opposite Me Say;

“I Can’t Believe What We Just Saw”

“What A Interesting Childhood He Must Have Had”

“Why Do That Generation Want To Speak Like So”

(Three Lines Pulled Out Of Many More)

So I’m Sitting There Like… HOLD UP – Are You Questioning The Legitimacy Of My Speech – Oh How I Wished I Had Actually Asked Them. To Me It’s Offensive For Someone To Question How You Speak. What Was That Based On? The Fact I’m White? Their Own Pre Judgement Of What They Thought I’d Speak Like? Or What…

And Yes, I Did Have An Interesting Childhood, But I Beat I Could Speak Words Into Your Ears You’ve Never Heard Before.

Ironically At The Same Time, Two Seats Down From Me Are Couple Having The Most Eloquent & Elaborate Conversation. I Saw The Humor In It. Maybe My Speech Is Forced? Yeah Right. Fuck Off.


Peace & Power